Pat powers electrical LLC

Residential Electrical Terms and contact form
Effective August 6, 2022

Pat Powers Electrical LLC no longer accepts phone calls from unregistered clients. You must use this form to schedule residential services. Registered clients will receive a three digit extension number. This three digit extension number will allow you to call us directly.

Residential electrical services will require a $400 call out fee. This will include the first two hours of service and low cost materials such as wirenuts, standard receptacle, standard switch, etc… Services will not start until this fee is paid. This fee can be paid via charge card in advance or by cash, check, or charge card upon arrival of the technician. If Pat Powers Electrical is unable to diagnose and create a solution to your electrical issues, you will receive a full refund.
Pat Powers Electrical LLC will charge a special rate of $50 per hour after the initial two hours. This rate is billed in 30 minute increments. This rate will not start until a diagnosis has been made and the Home Inspection has been completed.
The client must cancel at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled service call. Failure to cancel prior to 24 hours of a scheduled service will result in $250 cancellation fee. This will be charged to the credit card we have on file. An invoice will be sent to you via email which will detail the cancellation fee and charge.
All Material costs will be paid by the client in advance. Pat Powers Electrical LLC will no longer purchase materials without payment in full in advance. We will create a Material Estimate for you. The amount on the Material Estimate must be paid in full prior to any materials being acquired. There may be more than one Material Estimate created during a project. The combined Material Estimates and credit for payments will be itemized on the Final Invoice.
All of Pat Powers Electrical LLC vehicles, shops, and residences are equipped with either dash cams or under video surveillance that’s capable of recording audio and video. All of Pat Powers Electrical LLC technicians wear body cams that are capable of recording audio and video. The client is to assume that all conversations and interactions with Pat Powers Electrical LLC will be recorded. Video and audio footage taken inside a residence will not be provided to any third party or released publicly. The client does authorize to release these recordings for legal proceedings and authorize release to any agency that is involved in preparing legal documents to start a legal procedure.
All invoices are due upon receipt. This includes Material Estimates and Final Invoice. These invoices are to be paid in full at the time you receive them. We will accept charge card, check, or cash.
All clients are required to have a charge card on file with Pat Powers Electrical LLC. The client authorizes Pat Powers Electrical LLC to place a $5 authorization hold on this charge card to verify it’s validity. I also authorize Pat Powers Electrical LLC to charge this card for violating the Cancellation Policy or as alternative payment for NSF checks.
In the event a client reverses a Charge Card charge or issues a NSF check to Pat Powers Electrical LLC, we will contact law enforcement and initiate criminal charges. Pat Powers Electrical LLC will also place a lien hold on your property or estate, and may take other legal recourse to satisfy payment of invoices and estimates. The client understands that they will be responsible for all court costs, attorney fees, and time considerations that may occur.
Numbers Only (NO Spaces, dashes, or parentheses)