Some Recent Projects


That’s not changing tube lights; we rewired them for direct wired LED tube lights. Very cost effective. NEVER need a new ballast. One tube light will not effect another. The savings are significant. If you ever need your office/ business lights changed, consider Pat Powers Electrical LLC to come and engineer and execute a direct wiring plan. WE BRING POWER TO LIFE ©

If your sub-panels looks like these then it’s time to call Pat Powers Electrical LLC. First of all Equipment Grounding Conductors shall never be bonded nor share a conductive bus with the Grounded Conductors (Neutral Wires) at any point in your home EXCEPT at your first means of disconnect. Normally your Grounding Electrode System, (Grounding Electrode, Grounding Electrode Conductor, Utility Grounded Conductor <often known as a messenger>, and the Grounded Conductor <often referred to as the neutral>; will all be electrically connected and bonded at ONE POINT ONLY. Usually at the first means of service disconnect.

**In an easier explanation: the white wires should never be touching or connected to the bare copper wires at any sub-panel. Call Pat Powers Electrical LLC and we can replace and install an electrically safer sub-panel system. WE BRING POWER TO LIFE ©